Beware of the word "hub"

Some time ago I posted about Internet Connection Records, here, and how they could result in records you may find hard to explain, especially as they were host name and not full URL.

By way of an example I included an image link in the post to the orange/black graphic word "hub" on a well known web site, nothing rude, but as 1x1 pixel so not even something you would see. By doing so your browser would access said web site.

Irony of irony, now, 7 years late, blogger have put a content warning on that post!

I have edited to bold/underline that it is nothing rude, to see if they review and remove it. What is even more ironic is the link I used is no longer even valid, so definitely not rude, but I have updated it now.

But it shows the problems with automated checking of such things, something that is likely to be an issue not just for Internet Connection Records, but for the current Online Safety Bill.

P.S. Another post was "unpublished" as it showed the domain (not as a link) to a PayPal phishing attempt, a domain that is no longer valid - it was a post about it, not itself malware, d'uh.


  1. I hate the direction we are going in these days with all this nonsense designed to protect us & our children.

    I hate Big Brother.

    1. They barely even bother to claim that it's about "protecting children" these days.

      Explicitly infantilising adults seems to be the official policy of our useless government and its even-more-useless opposition.


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