Shoe laces

I have not posted for a bit, mainly due to the broken rib or two, broken elbow, damaged wrists and knee, and bruises, smashed glasses, and basically typing for more than a few minutes hurting.

So a simple PSA...

[yes, for those that are failing to put 2 and 2 together here, the injuries are a result of this shoe lace error]

If you have shoes with laces like this (Salomon brand) :-

There is a pocket in the tongue for them. It is no good just pushing them through the loop at the end to keep them out of the way (well, that worked on the previous shoes, but don't risk it).

Right, now time to pop to chemist for more pain killers.

Update: The stronger pain killers are helping, but very evident when they start to wear off, still.


  1. OW get well soon! bike accident? Elbow and wrist damage is awful...

    1. Ah, yes. Been there, done that, tore off my nose (they put it back on but it'll never look quite the same again: "have you been fighting?" the doctor asked. Yes, I was fighting gravity and the planet Earth. Being bigger than I am, it won).

      Walking is sufficiently dangerous that I'm amazed that people risk running, let alone driving. Bipedalism is an awful idea unless you can fly. Leave it for the birds, I say.

      Breaking multiple joints sounds like you landed *really* badly. I do hope they heal. Joints are a sod :(


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