Not Noodle

I was "donated" a bag of nice Pot Noodles for when Sandra was away on holiday. Thank you.

I have always liked pot noodles (sorry), but they are one of a few foods that cause problems for blood sugar, even though not too bad in carbohydrates. Another is some maize snacks like Monster Munch. They send my blood sugar super high for a short period. I have to avoid them.

Thankfully I have mastered pot noodles now, waiting for my blood sugar to be low, drinking some whisky (yes, that has a massive impact on slowing the whole process!), and taking some tablets to help with the blood sugar on top of the daily insulin, and I can eat a pot noodle safely.

But today I was fooled, I found a "not noodle". One with no noodles!

I did what anyone would have done, and combined the spicy sauce packet and the not noodles with the next pot noodle to make a pot₂ noodle. And wow, it was spicy and intense - amazing. They should do pot₂ noodles as a thing. It was amazing.

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