Will TOTSCO be ready?

The One Touch Switching should be live 12th September. Will the "industry" be ready?

I am not sure.

We are on the pre-production platform now, doing integration testing. There are 47 CPs on the system, including us. And yes, please, any other CPs on there try sending us match requests. And if you need more testing try https://notsco.co.uk/

So I tried sending a match request to each.

The responses were interesting. A lot did respond, which is good, but what is fun is the range of different errors. This is a reflection of how badly the specification has been written. All should have failed to find any service for the name at the address. But the actual error codes and error texts varied a lot. If the specification was good, the response would have been consistent. It is not. Fun!

Quite a few did not respond, fair enough, they may only have their pre-production on line for testing.

Some failed with delivery timeouts, and one with an invalid API Key!

I really am not sure this will all be working. I mean, I think we are 100% ready according to my reading of the spec, and if I have the spec wrong, I am 100% confident I can address that within minutes. But I am not sure of others.

My biggest mistake today was finding apache had a weird 5 second delay. Seems I am not alone if you google that, and a simple fix for it (Content-Length). The CP we are working with may have the same issue, but I am not sure they have the means to debug at the right level to see and resolve it. I'm glad we fixed this, and embarrassed it was wrong.

What is fun is today TOTSCO also failed to meet their own SLA on response times to messages. No reply on that yet.

But all of this is "nuts and bolts" of messaging, and nothing close to the high level issues I fully expect to stem from the whole system. CP to CP messages going wrong has a whole new level of possible issues, and I am not sure we are close to tackling those.

Wow, and one replied after 4 minutes, and replied twice!!! (the SLA is 60 seconds). Their reply had incorrect auditData, and incorrect content in the payload!

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