More tesco madness

I have posted how my 19 year old son has trouble buying alcohol in Tesco. On one occasion they actually stole the drink off him after the sale was completed and he was leaving the shop. On another they refused to serve him (as is their right) but the excuse was they had seen him talking to his 16 year girl friend in the store earlier, and so he must be buying it for her!

Well, irony of irony, she now has a job in Tesco. So now he can stand right next to her and buy alcohol. In fact, buy it from her serving him (she has to call for approval obviously). He just did this!

I bet she could even say to him "can you get me a bottle of xyz for later", and he could go and get a bottle off the shelf and have her ring it up.

That just shows how stupid all this nonsense is!

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