Promotional playing cards

Well, the folks at Ivory Graphics seem to have done a good job, and I finally have 200 decks of playing cards to give away.

These are somewhat limited edition - being the first attempt at drawing the court cards, and with a Jack that has the wrong coloured hat... I doubt that will make them valuable, but who knows, in 150 years :-) Ask the sales guys at A&A nicely and they'll send you one...

The designs are also on my web site - with options to allow you to make about 20,000 variations, released under Creative Commons CC0 Public Domain licence. Enjoy.

P.S. I have even included an interactive picker for the different decks and yet more options...


  1. I think double-backed cards are included simply to make the deck suitable for use for certain kinds of card tricks.

  2. Off topic, sorry. I've just noticed that your blog no longer provides an RSS feed. If this is intentional, OK. Otherwise, would you mind reinstating an RSS feed option?
    Many thanks, Ian

    1. Not intentional, I’ll have to take a look.

    2. My apologies - I should have looked harder :-(
      There is a "Subscribe" option at the bottom of the page that gives the RSS feed page.
      This happens a lot to me - I find the solution just after posting a question. Sorry.


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