I have grandsons, as you may know, but two of my daughters have been in a sort of race to produce our first granddaughter. Yes, I know it does not work like that, honest...


Alice was born on Saturday. Apart from being a few days earlier than expected, everything went exactly as planned, which is a huge relief. After what happened last time, we all knew the worst that could happen, and everyone was scared shitless that something would go wrong. I am so relieved, and pleased, to say everything went perfectly, and mother and baby are doing fine, back home, and starting the long journey ahead of them with a sweet innocent bundle of joy called Alice.

The hospital were great, and did everything right. Wales is a strange place - the hospital had plenty of parking, and it is free - we're still getting over the shock.



Odette was a little more drawn out in her arrival. At one point we thought she would be first, and at one point we thought they were both coming on the same day! My poor wife has been amazing, running back and forth between Wales and Bracknell to be with the girls when they need her. She has not slept for two days, but today (Wednesday) we welcome Odette in to the world.

Her big brother, Lewis, has been great. He clearly adores her already, and says she is cute.

So now I have two grand-daughters all of a sudden. Well done.



  1. 𓂺 (The Artist formerly known as Mr Cockburn)Wednesday 28 November 2018 at 18:26:00 GMT

    CONGRATULATIONS to you and your family Adrian!!!

    What wonderful, uplifting news.

    They are beautiful!

    Haven't your daughters done well!!!

    So pleased for you all!

  2. Congratulations. I hope you have the chance to provide yourself with plenty of grandparental leave to enjoy them (sorry, help your daughters)

    1. They made me take a train to Wales :-)
      But yeh, we'll see plenty of them I am sure. Mostly my wife is the one running around helping at the moment.

  3. Many congratulations to you and your family :-)

  4. Many congratulations.


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