Air-con, second attempt

Sadly it has become clear that the system installed is simply not going to work. So we are having it taken out, but keeping the Lossnay for fresh air.

Why on earth Mitsubishi would have a system supplied with dedicated controllers that have a thermistor in them, and a setting to use the controller temperature, but not actually support that, is beyond me. It does not even give an error, it shows a plausible, but wrong, temperature. But apparently they cannot support controlling from the controller, and so the two rooms off each system approach is just not going to work.

So now I have to start again with another air-con company. Maybe we'll get something before the summer.

All good fun. But they have sent interesting pictures of previous installations, which look cool.

So I'll post more when I have it...


  1. Are the original installation firm refunding you in full?

  2. I dread to think they've installed a number of these systems and it's only dawning on them now, after dealing with you armed with your trusty thermometer, that this expensive system doesn't do what they thought it did!

    1. It always worries me when a provider/installer has to go to a third-party to get a product/system designed. It means they don't have any in-house understanding of the product.

      It's always presented as "we have a dedicated contact at the manufacturer who will personally produce your design"; or in other words "we don't know how to do it".


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