Shelly Wall Socket UK

Shelly sell a lot of really cool IoT stuff, and are particularly nice with a consistent re-flashing port allowing their kit to be used with other software (like tasmota) easily. They also support DC working on several devices. I really like their stuff. I have probably close to 100 of them.

Recently I saw on the shelly EU store a number of Shelly Wall Socket models including Shelly Wall Socket UK. So I ordered one to have a play with. It needs a separate faceplate too, and looks like you can get a double faceplate. The cost is €7.20 for the socket and €3.90 for the frame, so around  £11 total.


It is just a dumb unswitched power socket. A boring dumb unswitched power socket. An expensive boring dumb unswitched power socket. Note that an unswitched one gang socket is £1.55 from screwfix and I can get in 10 minutes, not 3 weeks.

Their web site does state: There is no relay device included in the package. But that was really not that obvious.

  • I have no idea why they would even sell a dumb power socket at 7 times the price of one I can get locally, especially as they don't sell anything else dumb that I know of. They sell smart IoT stuff.
  • It does not even state BS1363, but is CE marked (not UKCA, but was sold in EU shop, but presumably for a UK market?)
  • The faceplate does not seem to have any clean way to remove it once installed. There is a slot to get a screwdriver in, but that does not lead to the clips, you would have to force it off. Messy.
  • The screw fixings look the right spacing but slotted not just holes so not how you would normally fit to a UK back box, and unlike the £1.55 faceplate, it does not come with any screws!
  • The faceplate outline is smaller than a UK one gang socket, so even if it fits it will look odd if used with a back box as the back box surround shows and looks messy.
  • As you can see from the picture above, the package has the text "Alterco Robotics EOOD declares that the radio equipment type Wall Socket UK..."

They could have been clever, they could have made a socket that takes (or comes with), say, a Shelly Plus 1PM that clips in the back. The L/N could be tags that go in to the Shelly Plus 1PM even. The Shelly Plus 1 PM has a small mechanical button on it, and they could have made a button on the front press that even so it would work as a switch. So many ways they could have made this consistent with Shelly product line, but no.

Overall I feel selling these at all is actually damaging to their reputation, especially as people will assume it is "smart" and no amount of warning on the order page will be obvious when included with a whole list of other "smart" devices.

PS, I stand corrected, they do sell a Shelly Mug that is clearly not smart. They made a mug out of me.


  1. That's really disappointing. When I saw the title of your article I was excited and then disappointed by the reality.

  2. This seems bananas to me, what are they playing at? Surely they've just forgotten to send the relay with it...?

  3. That's not an expensive socket. In the last year we've paid £100 for black metal double gang socket. And about £75 for an *unloaded* Euro Module plate in solid brass. Bargain!

  4. I'm also a big fan of Shelly, thanks to your blog - I'd have never known about them otherwise, so thanks for that. I agree this is pretty disappointing. I guess it's cheap and easy add on sales for them. The Shelly button is also fairly disappointing - over sized and assumes an application (it's clearly intended to replace an in line floor or desk lamp switch) but at least its designed to house a Shelly relay.

  5. I assume this is to compliment the switches that use those same plates. Though strangely the switches do have the clip in the back to hold the i4 so strange they haven’t followed suit. Perhaps it’s to come or there is an issue with the 1/1PM not being rated for a continuous 13amp draw?

  6. Meant to say, the slotted screw hole is something you see on thermostats like Heatmiser, I assume it’s so it’s compatible with some euro standard as well?


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