USB-C Plugs, Sockets, and 5V supply

Assuming you want to use a USB Type-C connector, but just want USB2 (D-/D+) and 5V power.

So many get this wrong, however, it seems the answer is quite simple.

It would seem there are a number of connectors you can get, with just the main USB2 pins, or with all USB-C pins.

For a USB-C Socket, you need to connect CC1, and CC2, separately, via 5k1 resistors to GND. Like so.

However, for a USB-C plug, the CC1/CC2 pins are actually CC and VCONN. You connect CC via 5k1 to GND, and leave VCONN unconnected. If you connect both then it won't work! Like so.

Yes, the connector is reversible, so actually it does not matter if A5 or B5 are connected to the 5k1 resistor, just as long as only one of them is.

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