O/S Data

OK so I have downloaded all of the free O/S data and trying to work out what to do with it :-)

For a start, the 1 pixel per m² street level map tiles are fun. They are done as 5km x 5km tiff images, so I'll be re-tiling them I think. They only show road and building data not general terrain, etc. But are rather fun.

Royal Mail must be pissed though - as they charge for postzone (postcode to grid ref mapping) and O/S just gave it away free :-)

OK... rant - some of the O/S grids use lower case filenames and some use upper case and no consistency. Arrrg!


  1. Just making tiles is hard work - takes the poor server days.

    10,586 tiles of 5km x 5km makes
    264,650 tiles of 1km x 1km makes
    26,465,000 tiles of 100m x 100m

    That is a lot of files :-)

  2. Now you know the amount of pain that OpenStreetMap have with map tiles :-) (and that's the world over, not just the UK)


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