Why no rants?

OK, sorry for no rants. I have been coding solidly.

Well, I could rant at the opening scene of Jonathan Creek, but that is getting picky. ... So... They showed a scene supposedly in 1988, and made that clear by showing someone drink from and discard a drink can with a sprayed dot matrix inject on the bottom saying BEST BEFORE MAY 1988. The can looked way too modern, and the inkjet on curved metal surface is too modern I am sure, and the use of the style MAY 1988 not 05/88 or some such looks wrong. In fact I think BEST BEFORE dates on cans is probably too modern too. I think I'll have to google all that to confirm I am not misremembering.

Anyway, coding - complete suit to maintain RIPE objects in a mysql database and synchonise to RIPE, as well as IP address management and allocation systems. I was planning to integrate this in to the control pages but that is quite a big job, as well as being risk, and anyway I am in Harlow all day tomorrow :-) Probably just as well, as it will be far to easy to mess up clueless doing this to needs a lot of care, either that or a nuke a small fishing village.

I am sure I'll find more to rant about later.

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