Phone lines

What a busy day...

Been working all day on fine tuning WLR3 B2B XML (yeh!). Basically it is a computer to computer way to talk to BT to order, cease, and modify phone line service.

No end of stuff - things like "picking a phone number" or "picking an appointment" and all sorts. However it is going well.

We may even start doing phone lines with phone calls soon! At present we only do them for DSL service (outgoing calls barred) and about 10% of our broadband lines use this. It means one bill for broadband with the supporting line.

I think that we are now at the stage where, in theory, when we have it fully integrated, that we can do anything BT Retail can with a phone line, which is pretty cool really.

Just a nightmare of badly written XML specs. Mind you - I have to say - overall these are way better than the BT Wholesale B2B XML for broadband lines :-)

Fun fun fun...


  1. Phone lines with phone calls would be cool.

  2. I'm assuming BT won't let you do WLR lines where you get the calls from the line and can then deliver them via SIP - would be great to be able to offer analogue lines on an existing phone system to customers...


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