Soul of a new BRAS

Not those sort of BRAS...

Broadband Remote Access Server!

Well, looks like we have managed to make the FireBrick act as a BRAS. We got a small 12 port Zyxel DSLAM, and have it plugged in to a FireBrick which is locally terminating the traffic (but could RADIUS and L2TP it just as easily).

DSLAM talks PPPoE to FireBrick BRAS, and that handles it like an L2TP connection (relaying or terminating as required).

Works on a fully loaded FB2500 / FB2700 and FB6202 models.



  1. Hey, whats wrong with the BRAS BT has in place... Oh wait... lol.

  2. So in theory, in a 'campus' environment with multiple sites but with no physical connectivity between them other than standard twisted pair, you could use one of these small DSLAMs with a firebrick and provide IP connectivity from remote sites to a central office? Could be an interesting alternative to laying fibre/wireless for older locations...
    Or have I got it completely wrong?


  3. So when are you putting one in my local exchange?


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