80Mb/s FTTC

Well, it is impressive what you can do on a short bit of copper :-)

We have a number of customers on the FTTC 80Mb/s trial now. One has 79.7Mb/s and another has 57Mb/s. This is pretty impressive. The uplink is around 20Mb/s as well...

Seems the trial is not going badly - the lines are syncing up at nice high rates, and the rates are correctly coming through to us.

Seems a few minor teething troubles getting the profiles right in the middle somewhere - but this is a technical trial, so not at all surprising.

Actual speed test on 58M sync line


  1. Well back in 2005 I was party to a demonstration from Ericsson of a VDSL2+ implementation that they were running over a longish (350-450m) local loop recovered from a Rikstelefon/Televerket era duct in Stockholm - installed in the late 1940s/early 1950s at the latest - they were easily getting 120Mb/sec down it (until I unplugged it). At the same time I was waiting at home for an upgrade to 8Mbit... impatiently waiting for ADSL2+ now (sigh) because there's more chance of spotting Shergar in the High Street than anything faster arriving here before 2050

  2. Am existing A&A customer on Grove Park. Any chance of joining trail ?


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