Favourite telco

Has anyone else looked at today's Dilbert and wondered if he is talking to his favourite telco?


  1. Hehehe...

    More like TalkTalk from the conversation I had with one of my relatives this morning.

    They received a new router through the post, unsolicited I might add and then their service went dead two days later - no DSL sync whatsoever (line was perfect 8128/448 for five years with no prior drop in service)

    Not just ADSL - their voice service too (dialtone but no DTMF tones are recognized).

    Apparently, they initiated a full migrate of both ADSL and voice services to their own kit in the local exchange but said relative is now without voice service or ADSL.

    TalkTalk customer service said 'the router must be faulty', apparently a new router will solve the problem and this will also restore the ability to make voice calls on the line.

    The good news is that I now have *two* favourite telcos to choose from when I feel particularly vitriolic about the state of end-user connectivity in this country.

    Anyway, once we get the mess sorted out on Monday, this line will be coming in to A&A as part of our wholesale setup and will be staying there for the long term.

  2. Didn't Scott Adams work for a huge telco (one of the Baby Bells?) before he went full-time on Dilbert?

    It's almost like they're the same all over the world...

  3. Your Blog needs a "Like" or even (as it's google) a +1 button...

  4. One of my favourite quotes from him..

    "I studied the market for ISDN and calculated all it's costs. I found that it was a great technology with no immediate competition and it probably had a large market potential.

    The only thing that could limit it's success was complete incometence on the part of all phone companies, colossal stupidity by every ISDN hardware vendor, and complete idiocy on the part of the regulatory oversight comities.

    It was obvious ISDN was doomed."


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