If I am on a course

Well, a busy two days running FireBrick courses, and I have to say that Jon gave me a run for my (his) money.

Probably the first time I have had a "me" on one of my courses! I must be a nightmare to train me!

He was always one step ahead of everyone else, and at least two slides ahead of the presentation, whilst always checking his emails.

That said, I like this - made the course a lot more fun, and a hell of a lot of suggestions and even bugs/typos found as a result, which is excellent.

It was a pleasure to do a course for someone that knew his stuff, and was there to learn.

Thanks Jon.


  1. Two of you? Scary! :)
    I'd pay to see an argument on a technical matter between you both though :p

  2. Nearly happened :-)
    Was fun though - Jon has been "in the Internet" longer than I have!

  3. The only problem with this, is that he may have caused the class to go faster than the others could keep up with. I've been in classes like this (and once I was that "Jon"!) and if it turns into a conversation between the lecturer and "Jon", the others may never get out of it what they need because things go too fast, and things that "Jon" already knows don't get explained properly.
    So while it's fun for the two people involved, the rest can lose out in a big way!

  4. Indeed - I think we managed to get the balance right this time, but it is something to watch out for :-)

  5. Ha ha - you have "anti-jon" on the next course.

    Speak slowly and start from the beginning.

    At least I have an IPV6 keyboard...

  6. Ha ha - you have "anti-jon" on the next course.

    Speak slowly and start from the beginning.

    At least I have an IPV6 keyboard...

  7. Any idea what happens if a Jon and anti-Jon collide? Would that create a fusion reaction?

  8. reminds me of courses I've been on, except the course was run rigidly and as such I was really bored :'(
    it was a course I should not have been on, but was a pre-requisite for other courses I wanted and the tutors would not/could not pass me. (it was basics of converting from paper to computer based engineering design, but I needed to do it to get onto the more challenging CAD courses I wanted to do)
    I wish my tutor let me run ahead, but sadly he couldn't/wouldn't.

  9. Just to say I did sit there and try not to interfere with the rest of the class too much, and even took a break to help Rev explain BGP to the half of the class that had never come across it before :)

    2 days on driving a web browser ... I'm amazed I kept my sanity :)

    Good result so far though, already seeing interest in the Fido Fire Brick :)

    Plug alert - http://www.fido.net/firebrick/


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