Diablo --

OK, well, we got the game client working. They have revised the standard response to involve copying some cache directory. Doing that worked. Everything else, including a full reformat and reinstall of the machine, did not.

Of course, having done that, the servers were down for maintenance.

Then they were busy.

Several days later, finally, we managed to actually get on to the game. Though it still takes quite a few attempts to get past the "servers busy" responses.

And, what can I say? Overall, pretty disappointing. The graphics are reasonably well done. 3D sort of works - but as you cannot change the angle of view it is pretty pointless.

Ironically, and one of the only reasons for trying it, is that James and Julia seem to like it. Seeing as James made it work because I could not be arsed, I got them their own copy.

They seemed dead against WoW, but like SWTOR, for example. I can play WoW (though I am not really a dungeon person). SWTOR seemed not as good to me. But compared to either Diablo 3 seems very 1990's. It is a simple 2D+levels map game played mostly on the client and viewed form fixed overhead angle. Basic kill monsters and pick up gold and kit.

So, a shame, I am not too impressed with it, and now I have a WoW character 10 levels behind my mate.

It also seems odd that the Diablo game servers are so overloaded when essentially it seems they are not much more than DRM platforms. I don't see the WoW servers suffering in the same way, and you would think Blizzard had some clue how to handle this sort of thing now.

Oh well.


  1. You are always online with D3 even in single player, It's a bit like WOW in that regard just without all the players in an area.

    Was rather annoyed when I got booted yesterday, just hope I haven't lost the Gem I was combining at the time :-(

    Suppose at least it didn't happen when fighting.

  2. What level did you get to?

    It is supposedly much better once you unlock the nightmare mode and whatever else...

    1. I thought getting it to install and run *was* nightmare mode.

  3. A little Diablo-themed comic on Bonkers World today:



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