Nano-SIM, yes you can

You can take a micro-SIM and simply cut it down using a pair of scissors to nano-SIM size and it will fit in the iPhone5. I just did it, and even though nano-SIM (4FF) is in fact thinner, the normal SIM thickness fits with no problems and works.

Don't hold me responsible for breaking your phone or your SIM if you try this, just saying it worked for me.

P.S. Obviously, yes, crap maps and all, I have to succumb to the pixie dust they use on their new products - they are just so shiny. Sorry.


  1. Did you have to be especially careful about how? Or just cut it right close to the edge?

    Oh and we're you sat there waiting for that specific time to post?!

    1. I had to cut a bit in to the contacts as well, and clear them away from the edge to ensure not shorting against the carrier, but generally not that tricky. Only did one SIM and right first time. As for time, that was fluke.

  2. Not shorting against the carrier? I don't understand.

    I don't know much about SIMs but I'm going to try this tonight I think!

  3. Ah I follow. Sending this on my iPhone 5 with cut down sim. Thanks for telling us , I wouldn't have attempted this otherwise!

  4. I think I might get a nano sim cutter as they seem to now be available to buy. I got a micro sim cutter when the iphone 4 came out and it was useful at the time as most sims were standard size.

  5. Yours look distinctly neater than mine! But it still works. Ordered a free nano sim from three anyway for any warranty problems....

  6. Did you draw the dimensions on, or just "guess"?


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