What sourcery is this?

My iPhone was fine last night when I put it on charge.

This morning the screen is cracked.

How the hell does that happen?

Update: for extra sourcery, the picture I took (right) as shown on the iPhone itself has the crack exactly under the crack (see below). WTF. Is this the crack in the universe from Dr Who?


  1. 1) Children
    2) Excess Heating caused by charging, then excess cooling somehow?
    3) ???
    4) Profit!

  2. Design or production flaw. Charging the phone will lead to it getting warm then cooling. Warmth makes things expand, then contract on cooling once charged. Mechanical stresses. Design of screen and housing should anticipate this.

  3. Has your phone-destroying offspring suddenly acquired an undestroyed device?

  4. iPhones, not all they're cracked up to be.....kaboom-tish!

  5. Is it holding a charge ok

    Wondering if a cell has swollen slightly?

  6. Maybe its the built in self destruct feature, New iPhone to be released in a few weeks, Insurance companys usually put it down to people deliberately breaking them to get the new version but maybe.. just maybe its the fruity foxconn re-branders new tactic to make people buy their newest shiny shiny.

    Maybe you did it subconsciously to justify buying the new one in a few weeks.

    Maybe its time to hang up my tin foil hat :/

    The photo of a phone with a photo of a phone in it is pretty special though, now use the phone to take a picture of your post above and you could have a phone with a picture of a picture of a phone with a picture of a picture of a phone on it... mind... blown

  7. New one is announced in one week so it's as good of an excuse as any to go buy a new one... I mean 2 new ones :)


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