iPhone 5S not on the level

Spot the deliberate mistake?
Same table, not moved. Used to show level on my old iPhone 5.
I am not sure these new iPhone 5S's are on the level.
Chatting to their support now - had all sorts of reset settings, set true north, power off and on, etc.
Lets see what else they suggest.

Update: Nice grammar?


  1. Apparently I'm lucky, mine appears to only be about 1 degree out :S

  2. It's their new patented curved surface. Like an actual flat surface, but with rounded edges so things still fall off.

    I hope this is something they can fix with a firmware updated for the M7 chip which handles this. Previous iPhones used a totally different setup (the driver code ran on the main CPU, not a separate dedicated Cortex M3) - so, this will be largely new code, no doubt showing the occasional new bug to make life more interesting.

  3. Looks like Julia's is out by 1 degree too

  4. For the explanation look here: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2013/10/18/iphone_5_teardown_shows_faulty_leveling/


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