Something useful

So, the printer has a door, which has a catch, which broke.

For a long time we have had tape over it, but that has to be removed if ever there is a paper jam, and tends to come undone anyway, it is a pain.

Now I have a 3D printer... So a bit of work on openscad.

Now, send to print...

Original (broken) on left, new one on right.
And it works!

Update: I will find my micrometer, but I bet the metal rod was not 6mm but was 1/4", which explains why I had to make the hole larger, eventually 6.4mm (1/4" is 6.35mm). So sounds like the printing is in fact spot on.


  1. One of these days I'll introduce you to something else rather useful, called superglue :)

  2. That's quite impressive. How long did it take to measure up the original and then design the replacement in the CAD program?

    1. Not sure, maybe an a hour or so. I then had to make a few attempts, at it looks like the print had a fraction of a mm bleed which meant an exact 6mm hole was too tight for the 6mm metal rod. But I am learning.

  3. This is exactly the sort of thing I'd love to have a 3D printer for.... the thing which would make it an absolute killer product for me would be a 3D scanner included so you could glue your broken bit together, scan it and then print a new one....


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