Still no day in court

It seems my letters to Tesco and Morrison's about Fuel Card spam emails I received were simple forwarded to fuel card services.

Initially they argued that they were acting legally, then sent to a director, and then made an offer with a 2 day time limit. Only catch is that the offer was not actually attached so I have no idea what it was. I did not agree it, but now, some weeks later, £50 has appeared in my account from them.

One of these days I will get one of these to court.


  1. You won't.

    Sorry. I believe in everything you're doing, but that is exactly the reason why you won't.

    These companies don't want to set any sort of legal precedent.

  2. If the Andrew is correct then
    1. Set up a new limited company with some nominal funds in it. No link to RevK
    2. Call it "The Python Marketing Company Limited" or something :)
    3. Company then sends RevK some spam in the same manner that he has been receiving it currently.
    4. Negotiate, fail and then RevK can then take our "Python Marketing Company Limited" to court and get some sort of precedent set!
    5. Use same precedent to beat other companies over the head with.
    6. Profit? :)

    1. One of a number of problems with that is somebody then ends up being a Director of a company with a CCJ against it, which will potentially show up when anybody does credit searches on other companies they are a Director of, so you'd have to find somebody who was OK with that...

    2. Alex — is that not only the case where the respondent does not pay the required sum within a month? My memory here might be hazy, but I don't think that being found liable in a civil case, and ordered to make payment, automatically becomes an issue on one's credit file, but failing to pay a judgment, or a subsequent order, might.


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