Taking a break

Next week I am in Greece, Rhodes Old Town to be exact.

This will be a bit of a proper holiday as just myself and my wife. And before I have a load of people saying "don't post you are on holiday as you will be burgled", the house is not going to be empty, duh! It is, for a change, just myself and my wife going on holiday.

I am going to try and have more of an actual holiday. I am not going to be off line, obviously. I would never want the mountain of email and crap when I get back after a week of being off line. But I will be off line for many hours, much of the day, at a time.

It is warm in Greece, but a tad less so this time of year (I hope). The hotel where we are staying is nice, by the look of it, with air conditioning and internet if I need. A perfect place to read more of my Ada book.

My wife missed the cruise as she was not well, and the insurance for that is paying for us to have a nice little holiday now she is feeling better. One of the rare occasions I actually benefit from insurance.

I am actually going to try and relax a bit, but that means my staff, and even some of my customers, not hassling me for the week. We'll see how that goes!

It looks like it even has a piano - like being in cabin 14000 on the Jade all over again :-)

P.S. Only just spotted the picture of an ancient Roman torture/execution device over the piano. How odd.

P.P.S. Sandra says the weather forecast is 30°C all week, help me!

P.P.P.S. The flight was fine, the taxi was waiting, the villa is nice - see video


  1. Can you not just delegate your email to a minion?

  2. Good for you. Hope she has a good time of it.

  3. If you do get Burgled you will know almost instantly thanks to SolarSystem :-)

  4. "The hotel where we are staying is nice, by the look of it, with air conditioning and internet if I need. A perfect place to read more of my Ada book."

    So this is a classic busman's holiday then :)

  5. Hope you have a good break and that the 'hotel'* is as expected...

    *Looks to be a 5 bedroom self catering villa on Booking.com so hopefully the hotel hasn't pinched the picture!

    1. It is a 5 bedroom villa - right in the old town in Rhodes - expedia call it a hotel for some reason, and it also says room service, so not just self catering I assume. Looks nice.

  6. Unlike many SMEs you pay properly (I assume) to have a high quality team capable of taking the initiative, being proactive and making intelligent decisions. Let them get on with it. They'll call you if they really need or want your input. I wish I had this.

  7. Like the video. Wouldn't want to sleep in the room with an external door. I even avoid motels in the US which have external doors. I really didn't like the Holiday Inn in Kayenta, Arizona which had a front and back external door to each room. I watched the video trying to decide which room I would set up as my office for the week. This is the first consideration I have... The childrens' bedroom looked usable as a makeshift office for a week.

  8. That print on the wall is Salvador Dali’s 'Christ of St John of the Cross' - the original usually in Glasgow's Kelvingrove Museum & Art Gallery, but heading for tour in London then Florida, coming back home May 2018.


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