Far from #Brexit - some civilised drinks

It happens that, at the time, my friends and I were far from Brexit. Indeed, we were exactly 14.48054467N and 94.175880624W (or -449786.479813 -6160429.922092 1584520.022083 in ECEF) which is in the Pacific ocean.

However, as there were a few Brits on the ship, we got the concierge to invite some to our suite for a few drinks. We engineered nearly live BBC on the TV via a convoluted set of kit and VPN back to the UK, and we had my brexit clock.

It was remarkably civilised, with those for and against agreeing that whatever we do, we now have to find a way to live with this and make the best of any opportunities created.

It is the first time we have "hosted" a party from the suit, but butler managed it quite well and the ship even provided a couple of bottles of champagne for the party.

Amusingly at least one couple assumed it was a scummy NCL promotion to try and up-sell the suites, LOL.


  1. Living with this doesn't seem an option yet. Among people I know and have heard of, the immigration issues on both the UK and EU sides are tearing families apart. If we're going to try to be civilised about this we should at leat sort that aspect out so people can carry on living their lives.

  2. Are you wearing an ID badge in the photo?


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