Week 1

It is a week since our offer was accepted...

  • Formal memorandum of sale was sent by agents (with wrong date on it)
  • My solicitors only just asked for money for searches
  • Apparently the "contact pack" is on its way to my solicitor
  • Bugger all else has happened

When making my breakfast I consider the critical path. I put water in the coffee machine and turn it on, even before putting ground coffee in, as the coffee heating and filtering is the longest path in the whole process. I do things in an order that is efficient, where I can, especially if it is something I do a lot.

Now, my understand is that the searches are the time critical aspect here, so one has to wonder why wait a whole week before considering starting them.

Oh well. Let's see how this week goes.


  1. I suspect it's because there are so many failure points in the process that they don't start anything until the previous step has been reached - probably because of how bitterly some people will complain about "wasting" money if the do otherwise.

    Just keep reminding yourself that the end goal will be worth the pain :)

  2. Make sure your searches include mining check, given you are going to south Wales, and also chancel check.

  3. Just hope the bank doesn't place a fraud hold on your credit card just as you're paying the various layers of solicitors. (That's what Lloyds did to me. Solicitors are all suspicious sorts, you see.)

    (In fairness, this *was* an unusual transaction. I don't buy houses every week. But... nor do most people, and you'd think the banks' fraud departments would have noticed.)

  4. Where's the Week 2/Episode 2 ? Getting withdrawal symptoms from this new fly-on-the-wall docu-drama binge-watch serial. Oh - and waiting for the moment RevK slaughters someone involved.


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