Week 2

Last week we had been told, on the Friday before, that "This means that the contract pack should be with your solicitor early next week." and I wondered why it took as long as it did (given that everyone wants this sorted quickly).

By Tuesday my solicitors were chasing as they won't start the searches until they get the contract pack, it seems.

Finally, Thursday, nearly a week later, the contract pack gets to my solicitors! Naturally I was assuming that this had gone by post for some historic reason, but no, that is not the case. It is all emailed scans, and was not sent until 4:30pm on Thursday.

It is not as if it has much in it, nothing that would, or should, not have been ready to go. It is copy of warranty on some building work, of planning permission, title plan, etc. Much of it I already had as I had spent £3 on the land registry site before even making the offer. This is all stuff I will certainly have ready and scanned as soon as I put my house on the market - why would you not?

Naturally my solicitor was on the case, and getting searches ordered right away, good.

But then on Friday we finally get the fittings and fixtures details. Again, this would be something I expect to be ready when you put the house on the market. Sadly there were a few missed check boxes so my solicitor has to ask for clarification. WHY?!?!

Just to be clear, all of this could have been ready, and with my solicitor, on day 1, as soon as we accepted the offer and they filled in the amount on the contract. That is all that should have been necessary. We are two weeks in to this because of delays by the sellers, when they claim to want to move quickly!

What is slightly annoying it that when we viewed the property the agent was clear that the hot tub, and the bed in the master bedroom, were "negotiable", i.e. they could be left. Both were things that are a pain to move out but have some value. So when we upped our offer to the asking price we said they had to be included, and that was accepted.

What we did not know, not until this fixtures and fittings sheet came through, was that the rather nice light fitting over the stairs, was also negotiable. Had we known, leaving it would have been part of that offer and I am sure that would be accepted seeing as we had gone up to the asking price! Now it is yet another query to be resolved.

I believe at this point we have to wait for searches to complete. As such I am expecting very little over the next week, sadly.

P.S. That light fitting is not that expensive, but the hassle is fitting one over the stairs.


  1. The thing with a lightshade remided me of an article I read on the Guardian years ago about extra costs milked at weddings... I remember them mentioning a location that had a "Chandelier rental" as an extra. If it was me, I'd refuse to pay it... let them take the time to haul the thing down.

  2. When we purchased our house, the seller listed the light fittings in some rooms as costs. We weren't too bothered either way, but noted that they needed to be left with working pendant bulb fittings (the minimum), make good any damage and supply any necessary minor works certificate. They were still there when we moved in...


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