Impressive service for a change

Whilst I have cause to complain on many occasions, and places like Amazon make things so easy (buying, and complaining), I am occasionally buying from other places.

In light of the imminent house move, I am removing the electrically operated door locks. I decided there is no point even "offering" them to a new purchaser as it would add confusion, support, and delay.

However, to make sure everything is neat and tidy I wanted to replace the void where the lock and strike were in the door and frame, so needed something 30mm x 3mm x 255mm. Like this sheet of metal. It was actually easier to find metal than wood for this, surprisingly.

Yes, I'll have to drill and counter sink, but that is not rocket science.

The site I found was some company called metals4u. Yes, I hate the whole "4u" bit, but the site was easy to use. What has impressed me even more is that what I ordered has arrived next morning with no hassle, and is exactly what I wanted.

That should not be rare, should it? But it does sometimes feel a lot like it.

There is however a slight curiosity with their site, they sell some standard lengths, e.g. 250mm for £7.06, 500m for £8.12, etc. I wanted 255mm, so I clicked on the "custom" length, and entered 255. The price, £1.39. Err, OK. I tried 250mm, and the price £1.36. Indeed, you have to be ordering more the 3m for the custom price to be more than the standard price. So if you want 250mm, order as a "custom" length of 250mm :-)

Even so, what arrived is exactly the right size, and exactly as described. I'm impressed.


  1. I shall definitely more this. I will be wanting some stuff soon.

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  3. The link is correct, but shouldn't it says 'metals4u' as the text?

  4. I've used metals4u for stuff in the past a few times - mostly 3M lengths, but very handy as you have found for sections of sheet materials where you need an odd piece for a prject Dimensional cuts are generally very accurate so you don't need to get the angry grider out and find a cutting disc to tidy it up although they do say they will over supply slightly. themetalstore.co.uk has been used by some of my friends and they give good service as well apparently.


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