Week -1 (selling this time)

So, in a little under a week, we are moving out.

The plan is to sell this house ASAP. It has been a tad challenging to buy a new place before selling, but obviously selling is now important. The fact stamp duty is due to go back up in April makes it even more urgent.

[If anyone wants a nice 5 bed in Bracknell with excellent man-cave, do say]

I've been trying to work out everything I can do to make this go smoothly.

I have done the TA6 and TA10 and even done an environmental search to confirm nothing unexpected will crop up. I have found all of the paperwork for electrical work and the man-cave conversion and the air-con planning permission. It is all ready for the solicitor.

I'm using Kite Griffin again, they have been excellent.

I have a cleaner booked for the weekend, followed by a decorator/gardener. The plan is to make the place appealing, clean, and ready to move in. I am even throwing in the 65" 4K OLED wallpaper TV in the man-cave, and the CCTV. Yes, I'd take the TV but no chance it would survive in one piece!

I have removed the electric locks and replaced with more conventional ones. It is all very "normal".

I need to decide on a suitable estate agent to market it, so once it is ready in a little over a week's time I can get a valuation and get it on the market. Let's see how long this takes shall we :-)


  1. Your main issues will be lockdown (so people won't want to be doing house viewings) and the time of year. People like to move over the summer school holidays (especially families with children).

  2. And another bonkers problem right now is estate agents who are assessing the potential viewer/buyer and deciding that their potential purchase is "not essential" and so refusing to allow a viewing of the property by that potential purchaser. Such as viewing is NOT banned by law.

    Remember - all sales/estate agents are paid by the seller. If I were the seller and if I found out that my (extremely-well-compensated) estate agents were actively refusing to talk to potential buyers of my house and potentially causing me a lost sale of £1m then that agent would be sacked on the spot.

    Snowflakes may disagree with me. That is their right.

    1. We've recently sold our house and we had about 50 viewings over 2 or 3 months. During lockdown this was a lot more than we were comfortable with really.

      Many of those people declined to offer for reasons they could have found out without a visit, the main one being that they didn't want to live next to the railway line, or that the two bedrooms in the loft conversion were much too small.

      I feel that although our estate agent was otherwise very good and I don't have any complaints, that they might have filtered out more "potential buyers" than they did and avoided a lot of visits by people who realistically were never going to purchase as the house didn't meet their requirements.


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