Selling a house (week 1).

I had planned to post more details of the house itself here. It has taken a month with workmen doing a lot more than I had planned to make the place perfect (including new lawn, new kitchen floor, several new carpets, and lots of generic decorating). The end result is rather nice.

It went on the market on Sunday, and within hours we had viewing requests. Viewings on Tuesday and an offer on Wednesday, so just waiting for estate agent and solicitors to do their thing now.

Of course there is no guarantee that this will not fall through somehow, so do take a look :-)


At this point it is all down to how quickly solicitors, mortgage lenders, surveyors, and so on, can act. Unlike when I was buying a place, I ensured my solicitor had all of the necessary paperwork right away. I am trying to ensure we are in no way the critical path here. We'll see how long it takes.

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  1. We need the Week 2 Update ! Has RevK gone nuts at an estate agent / solicitor / buyer / etc., yet? Popcorn is at the ready.


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