As anyone reading my blog will know, I got COVID (on a cruise) last September. This was way worse than the first time a year or so before.

The infection at the time was bad, scary fever, especially on a cruise, but within a few days (and thankfully on dry land) I then had a stroke. I can't help feeling it was related.

The stroke was mild in many ways, mostly dysarthria (can't speak properly) and that cleared up maybe 90% in a few hours but not totally. Being in hospital was a pain, and I am now on blood thinners (forever).

But there is more, some subtle. Some may be COVID, some may be the stroke.

  • A general tiredness
  • Just can't get things done - just don't want to get things done
  • Not quite "myself" in coding stuff and doing work generally - can't think straight
  • I notice that when I walk, my right arm is rigid until I think about it!
  • My typing is worse, a lot worse

The real clue is some of these have improved, my typing is still hard work but better. I am finally getting in to the swing of working and coding. Not my old self, but way more than I was.

I am posting now as I have had a weekend working, and coding, and doing well, and it feels such a change. Such a relief! Almost back to my old self, which is great!

Oddly my right arm being rigid when walking is still a thing. Not like I can't move it. When walking my left arm swings and my right arm does not - until I think about it. Very weird.

My typing is not yet right, and I know it was not perfect before, but I see how bad it is still. I have to think more, and I have to check a lot more than I used to. But I feel it is improving.

It is weird trying to debug the way my own mind and body is working.

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