Is it spring yet?

This is more like it, but is only one day!

Most of our import (and today it is likely all of our import) was 2am to 5am at 14.71p.

Most export was during the day at 15.08p.

A lot of export, around 15kWh (54MJ) was 4pm to 7pm (actually 5:30pm to 7pm so we save some for evening) at 24.93p

Doing the sums I think...

  • Import 34.1kWh (122.8MJ), assume 14.71p, £5.02
  • Export sunshine, 26.7kWh (96.1MJ) at 15.08p, £4.02
  • Export battery, 15kWh (54MJ) at 24.93p, £3.74

Total electricity bill (excluding standing charge) -£2.74, and that left some in the battery still.

Without solar and battery? House used 31.4kWh (113MJ) and would have been mostly 24.51p, so £7.70.

If only every day was like this.


  1. It's 2024. The price (and use) of energy is going in only one direction.

    This is an article by a reputable well informed geek in an industry which is increasingly using ridiculous amounts of energy.


    Does it matter? Yes it flipping does.

    How hard can it be.

    We're doomed, I tell you. Doomed.

    1. Wow, yes, that was just stupid of me, sorry. I completely agree, and have edited now. I too get annoyed by that, so no idea how I managed to type that wrong, sorry.

  2. If only every day was a good solar day!

    2024/05/01 for me was

    24.0 kWh Imported
    87.9 kWh Produced
    60.5 kWh Exported
    51.4kWh Consumed
    36.5kWh Net Exported

    I'm very lucky to have a feed-in equivalent of 1:1 up to 2x my annual usage, so no batteries here.

    I can't have a Time of Use tariff as for whatever reason the power company doesnt allow that if you've got a "net metering" (feed in) service.

    We're about 0.20c / kWh (ish, its a lot more complicated than just having a flat metered rate, there's honestly about ), so approx 16p/ unit

    I've got a nice "You’ve spent about -$47 so far this bill period." though!


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