Data packages

Our old SIP2SIM was "pay as you go", and the new one has monthly capped data packages.

To be honest, people have asked for this for a long time, but as ONSIM are selling us data packages, it makes sense to do the same, at least for now. Monthly 2GB, 4GB, 10GB, 20GB, 40GB. It is also more sanely priced than before.

But, of course, it is not simple.

So, for a start, adding data to a non data SIM, mid month, is a pro-rata data for rest of month at a pro-rata price. So far so good.

But what of increase of data package mid month. My thought on this (and it depends on ONSIM), is we update to new monthly, pro-rata if data started mid month, to new package, and the same for price. Mostly it will be an increase for whole month to new monthly rate and the difference in monthly price.

But what of decrease? Well, I guess, maybe, the same logic could apply, but only if you have used less than you would now have for the month. My thought it no, lowering the package is setting a new lower level for next month. This is far simpler, and no billing implication and no change to this month.

Of course if you then increase again, we have to allow for the fact that this month you are on a higher package than you will be next month, and only consider it an increase relative to that.

This is never simple, is it.

Hopefully we have something soon, sorry for the delay, waiting on ONSIM to do the necessary APIs for us.

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