TOTSCO change freeze

You are approaching a deadline, one that is legally important.

Hundreds of developers are working to meet that deadline. They need to interoperate on the impending deadline.

Your specification has errors, contradictions and vague definitions.

You choose:
  1. Encourage queries, make clarifications, advise all companies of these clarifications and updates in a timely agile way updating the specification.
  2. Change freeze the specification so all companies make their own mind up, get confused, and reach deadline in an incompatible way.

Which did #TOTSCO choose?


  1. You are a national regulator. You decide to invent a stupid fucking new regulation that nobody needed nor asked for. The regulation relies upon co-operation between literal, actual competitors in the marketplace. You realise there needs to be a "middle man" entity, to sit between these competitors and moderate/enable the exchange of information between them. One which must have a common standard.
    Do you :
    1. Actually create/fund that middleman organisation, and do the necessary work to actually make it work practically, such that all parties, provided they can manage to code against an API, can fully integrate with all other parties?
    2. Just nebulously make it a legal requirement that such an entity is created by "someone". Then notionally allocate responsibility to the only turd that will not sink. Then continue making not-so-veilled-threats against individual players in the market who are not yet ready largely by dint of the fact the middleman organisation at the centre clearly isn't ready?

    1. Welcome to the "nerd harder" school of technology regulation.

      We don't care if FTL travel is impossible! It's a legal requirement for every travel company to offer FTL travel by 2030, and it's up to you nerds to figure it out if you don't want to get fined!


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