TOTSCO, telcos, a little help please!

There are 47 other  companies on the TOTSCO pre-production platform right now. We have been waiting weeks for a buddy CP for testing. We'd love to get more testing with anyone.

Can any one of you spare a few minutes to do some testing?

You don't need to book anything with TOTSCO for this, if you are on pre-production platform, we can exchange messages, and if we exchange the require messages we can complete this stage of testing.

Try a match request to us maybe? I have set up a line on our system, with these details, for testing.

Service:    IAS
Surname: STARMER
10 Downing Street

That should get you a valid match confirmation. Try with surname SUNAK, and you should get a match failure. [I thought it more amusing that way around]

If you get a confirmation, do send a switching order, update, cancellation/trigger as well.


Update: We got a test pretty quickly, which is nice. I got the postcode wrong initially, D'Oh, but the match request included an account number and UPRN. It is a concern that they were included (I did not post a UPRN initially and what was sent was wrong). It suggests the sender expects to send an account and UPRN in all cases, when neither should be mandatory. So interesting test, thank you very much for that.

Comment: Yes, that is all you need to know if there was a broadband service you wanted to port to a new provider under the new system.

Update: I did not include a UPRN or Account number as I would hope CPs can cope without these from a customer. We cope without them in matching. But as TOTSCO don't define it, we also cope if they are present but an empty string!


  1. Are you responding to the SUNAK request with 1104 "Account found but is closed or historic" ?

    1. LOL, that could be funnier. I don't think we handle generating that one, I'll have to check.

  2. We (4th Utility) are also awaiting the allocation of a buddy, I’ve asked the devs to send some tests for the above.

    1. We did get one from you, thanks, if we can get in touch I'm happy to do some testing. Email the A&A support and ask for Adrian.


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