Do people still use photocopiers?

So, we get an emailed "form" to fill in.

At the top of the document is says (Please photocopy for additional delegates)

But but but - am I not allowed you just print more than one copy?
And why not just make it a web form in the first place. Print, sign and fax, how '80's.


  1. i think they should just make old technology illegal so people dont try make you do stuff like that, well at least when there is a suitable reliable alternative

  2. Yes, the place I work for makes heavy use of photocopiers :)

  3. Just recently I questioned a client's project manager (>£100k + banking bonus) why he'd printed the minutes of a meeting once and then made ten copies using a photocopier. He was convinced that a photocopier was cheaper to run than a laser printer (while grudgingly agreeing that the printing process was the same only the printer didn't have to move a mechanical scanner back and forth for each page).

    Which is obviously why he's a highly paid paper pusher while I'm a techie.

  4. LOL!

    In our office "photocopying" uses the same machine as the printer and scanner. It scans and prints. So blatantly the same cost to print and a saving on the "scan" bit as you say. It is rare for us to need to copy something. We scan lots and we print lots, but the two together is unusual.


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