One hour optical lab, my arse

The only reason to go to all the way to Reading to Vision Express the one hour optical lab is because of the one hour optical lab.

Last time I got glasses I went in, got an eye test, went shopping for an hour, got glasses and went home, job done.

Apparently now they don't stock any of the photochromic lenses! WTF?!?

So two weeks for new glasses. Total waste of time going to Reading. I could have gone to one of the opticians in Bracknell.

Oh, and to top it off, they say why not get some Zeiss lenses as they are custom made and so much more precise and much better. But hang on! their promise is to Make your glasses to the highest quality within one hour in our optical laboratory... The custom made lenses could only be much better if the once made in their lab were not of the highest quality.. Sounds like total crap to me one way or another.

Anyway, next time, local optician in Bracknell. Way to keep customers Vision Express...


  1. I suspect it's Vision Express's 'highest quality' promise that's garbage: it takes much more than an hour to make a good lens.

    Plus, Zeiss lenses really *are* flipping good. I'm quite short-sighted, and with a dioptre of -9 most lenses are a stew of colour fringes and drastic shape distortion around the edges. With Zeiss lenses there is *none* of that. (Downside: they cost 500 quid or so --- well, half that I suppose since there are two lenses --- but non-Zeiss ones cost me about 200 quid what with the astigmatism and all to compensate for. So, for me, they're worth it, but I can't see 20cm in front of my own nose without glasses. If you can function without them, maybe the quality/expense tradeoff is different.)

  2. I have gone for the Zeiss lenses so that is good news. It does show how crap their statement about the one hour lab being "highest quality" is...

  3. I saw a sign outside a Boots in the city that said "eyes tested, while you wait". I wondered about the alternative. Drop them in before 10am and you can collect them after 4pm?

  4. Well, glassesdirect.co.uk did a good job with a cheap pair of reading glasses for me!

    My pair from Vision /Express/ are not ready yet though. Ho hum.


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