Data centres not to use "green" power

Data centres, which are where all the servers for your internet access, facebook servers, banking, and everything like that are hosted, are to be heavily taxed based on CO2 usage.

Fair enough, except that they cannot even put up a wind turbine or take "green" energy that has no CO2 emissions as it all gets taxed regardless of usage. Buying "green" power normally costs more - if it saved on this new tax it would be cheaper and data centres would use it. But no, they are not actually encouraging reduced CO2 usage at all.

What kind of fucked up government scam is this?

If they want to encourage lower CO2, then at least make it that people lowering CO2 benefit!



  1. Hold on...you still get taxed even if you generate your own power?

  2. If you put up a wind turbine, you would get a separate incentive (from the feed-in tariff or the renewables obligation, depending on the scale of your installation). I haven't done the maths but overall I think the government would be paying you.

  3. RevK, you may want to post a comment here then:



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