School dinner ladies

Well, I vaguely recall them from my school days as tyrants, but I was shocked to hear of my daughter having trouble with this last week.

They put credit on a fingerprint reader thing, and she was 20p short. She had cash, but that does not count! So she was told to put her food back.

For a start that is apparently not the right procedure and the kids should be able to get an advance from the bursars office.

So her mate paid for her dinner instead - at a different till. The two of them were walking away when the first dinner lady snatched the tray off my daughter and loudly accused her of stealing the food!!!

Needless to say we are not at all impressed, and they are supposed to apologising to them this morning. We'll see.


  1. What.

    What the hell sort of bloody school does your daughter go to?

    These buildings are meant to be places of education, not bloody prisons.

    Schools need to be given a serious shake-up

  2. I also hope it will be a somewhat public apology! I can imagine how hard it is on the your daughter if she was accused of stealing it in-front of other kids.

    still.... Unbelievable!


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