Junk caller pays

We got a junk call to a TPS number at the office, and so we sent a bill for £5 for Alex's time.

We sent it to S Three plc (sound familiar) as the caller claimed to be part of S Three, but it turns out S Three have sold the company, Jobboard Enterprises Ltd who also trade as IT Media, to Dice Holdings Inc (US).

I now have a nice letter from Dice Holdings Inc, by fed ex, clearly taking it seriously (sorry, it really is that badly printed), and saying they will pay the £5 I have claimed, yay!

Jobboard Enterprises Ltd also send me personally loads of junk emails, so I have replied asking for them to settle those claims too. We will see what happens.

But, another win!

Update: The £5 arrived.


  1. They're paying the £5 "as a gesture of goodwill". Right.

    Companies all too often use this phrase, to make it sound like they're doing you a favour, rather than because they are legally obliged to.

    1. Yes, you are right, actually, I may have to pick that up - accept their £5 good will, and still request the £5 due by law.


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