They must have noticed, surely?

OK, I admit it, I was re-watching Stargate Atlantis season 3 back to back, as you do, thanks to Sky On-Demand boxed-sets.

But the same applies to many TV series, especially Sci-Fi.

Almost every episode there is some peril that is un-surmountable, yes they always somehow find a solution or get unexpected help at the last moment. No matter how dire the situation.

Indeed, Stargate has been going long enough that the script writers take the piss slightly and comment on this some times.

But surely the characters in the plot should have noticed how implausible their life is by now? Why don't they notice?


I was pondering... life on Earth has resulted from such unlikely sequences of events and continues in the face of huge risks from meteors, volcanoes, some of our own stupidity, and all sorts. We are so implausibly lucky...

Aw! crap!

[No, I don't believe in a "script writer" either, honest, it is just that the lucky ones are the only ones that get to reflect on how lucky they have been, that is all]


  1. I watch Stargate most evenings and my wife always says that you just need to watch the first 5 and last 5 minutes.

    Often they'll just jump to "problem has been solved even though you didn't see us do it" which I find irritating.

    Thankfully I watch them delayed so I can at least skip the adverts and only waste 30 minutes of my life.

    1. The on-demand is excellent - one trailer (skippable) at the start and then no adverts at all.

  2. It's the basic premise of the book Redshirts by John Scalzi, the eponymous crew members doing their utmost to avoid away missions.

    1. +1 - I was about to mention it when I saw the comment above


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