IPv6 works!

So, on our A&A irc channel comes a new customer asking for help.

The locals soon chip in, and with a few checks from me to confirm he is in fact on line we get to working out the problem.

He can get to google, and youtube, and aa.net.uk and all sorts. He can get to irc, obviously. But lots of stuff is not working. Thanks to everyone that helps.

We quickly work out he is only on IPv6. It is impressive how much he can get to!

It is also impressive that he is not only able to get help on irc, on IPv6 only, but access an IPv6 pastebin type site to post output from windows ipconfig /all command.

The result is simple, he has a static IPv4 config, and not DHCP from the router we supplied. A simple tweak to his config.

But it just shows how much IPv6 "just works" and how useful it can be to have more than one IP protocol available. Well done FH

19:48  * TonyHoyle is slightly amazed at remotely diagnosing someone's Internet conection, over the Internet


  1. Happens to me a lot. I think I am going mad when some websites don't work. I forgot to unmolest my ipv4 10.x.y.z settings.

  2. All of which shows just how much NAT and configured systems like IPv4 suck.

  3. Certain ASUS routers have options for time restrictions for clients. If they are used, the time restrictions only apply to IPv4 (the firmware has bugs in its interaction with iptables in the underlying linux on the router).

    Under such restrictions, little bobby can stay up all night watching cat videos on youtube and facebook when he should be asleep. It is a self-taught lesson to himself of the importance of sleep and self-control.

    Needless to say, a bug has been filed with Asus. They do IPv6 in their routers, but not on equal terms to IPv4.


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