The outskirts of Communicado

For a change, a very rare change, I am going for a short holiday on my own!

I am actually going to visit friends in the middle of nowhere for a weekend (i.e. where the Internet is four very long bonded 20CN lines to get about 6M total). There are fields. I think there is even a donkey! We sort of say that it is not quite as prestigious as the middle of nowhere, more on the outskirts... :-)

I have a selection of Scottish Malt Whisky Society bottles to take with me, and a laptop.

Nothing is actually planned, that I know of.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes today - they keep happening.

Update: A few of the pics. Fun weekend, thanks Simon and Mike.

One way to keep warm...

Nice weather!

We cannot allow secret communications?

Learning python?


  1. Didn't realise it was your Birthday - have a good un! And enjoy your break!

  2. Happy Birthday RevK......enjoy the Whiskeys, whereabouts are you?

  3. Sounds like our place except we only get 4M and we ate the donkey in the great winter of 13

  4. "(i.e. where the Internet is four very long bonded 20CN lines to get about 6M total)"

    You should consider yourself lucky. For some of our customers, that would be considered a luxury - 6 meg? Heck, I've got customers that can't get that with 4 bonded lines in city centre locations!

  5. Nice snakey fashion statement. I hope it didn't leave a singleton on your shoulder or try a closure on your neck!


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