My dead mother-in-law

Dear sky,

She has been dead for two years, and you were told.

Please feel free to waste your time and money trying to sue her.


Even though she was only my mother-in-law, even I find this sort of harassment distressing. I only have this because I was the contact for email as she did not have email. Not amused.


  1. Notice before Action to BPO/Sky for harrasment?

  2. Or (as it seems) if you don't want to talk to me. You can call 03442 414141 and ask for Elizabeth Richards. She is the one who has dealt with this for you and can give you the relevant confirmation. N.B. I didn't do this for Sky's reputation, more from the POV of empathising with you! Cheers.

    1. Err, are you from BPO? I really don't need to talk to anyone or do anything, so, well, I won't.

    2. I already told you in a previous message that I (one of your customers who reads this blog regularly) work at Sky Sports and I contacted a colleague to help resolve this for you which she has done. As I said, the debt management company has been informed and the DR balance has now been cleared. I didn't have to help but just sympathised with your position here.

    3. OK, sorry, I missed an previous post and don't see one awaiting moderation, but thanks.

    4. No problem, glad it's all resolved. Cheers!


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