T-4 days

Starting to look a lot more like a utility room now, and probably would be finished if not for the plumbing.

My plan is a small sink in the corner of the garage which means water and waste running on from utility room through wall. The plumbers were "We'll do that when you are doing the garage" and stopped where the sink is to go in the utility room.

However, the sink is being very much built in, with a wooden plinth to get it to the height, a wood worktop over the whole lot, and fitting around the pipework. It will be almost impossible to extend the pipes to the garage once it is done, so we have had to stop and wait for plumbers coming first thing tomorrow.

But it should mean all but some final tiling is finished by tomorrow lunch time, and the utility room is done - giving us just the weekend in order to finally clear the garage ready for Monday.

I can't believe the garage conversion is finally going to happen. I will finally have my new office / workshop.

Oh, and this is a router (pronounced "rowter"), not to be confused with a router (pronounced "rowder" by Americans).

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