T-8 days

The tiler has laid some sort of matting on the floor of the utility room now using some flexible adhesive.

The idea is that this works well on to avoid tiles or grout cracking. Seems counter intuitive to me, but he is the expert.

The fact that we had the floor re-done so that it is no longer resting on 50mm of polystyrene block is probably the biggest change to stop things cracking...

Tomorrow the utility room gets the tiles, and then Tuesday we can finally start emptying the garage ready for them to start a week on Monday. One day closer to the man cave!


  1. I think the idea is that it stops the cracks propagating. If the tiles can move individually then it means that one crack doesn't spread

  2. I suspect the insulation value of the new floor is less than the old one given the large amounts of wood with insulation between. The old floor insulated everywhere given how the polystyrene was laid.

    It would have been much easier to just lay laminate on top of the old floating floor, and probably warmer too. Why the insistence on a tiled floor?

    1. Wait until someone drops something and cracks a tile. Then see if she still wants tiles.


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