Busy week

I am working on CHAOS2, the new API for A&A broadband and other ordering, and all is going well.

We have a working javascript front end for testing, and a working test/dev control and accounts system, and we really hope this week we can release some working ordering to our trialists for Terabyte services. We also want to get a generic test "on-boarding" system in place soon as well so dealers and customers can play with the system safely.

I am also talking at The Real Time Club tomorrow, and then running a FireBrick training course.

All in all a busy week.


  1. Does this mean that the existing chaos api will be going soon? I think i'm one of the few that have built on top of it with my burndown graph and I think a few others are using it.

    Any chance of some early access to see about porting my code over? I'm not busy for the next week or two ;)

    1. They will both exist for a while and we'll review what is used on the old system with a view to making the same features on the new system and contacting those using the old system in plenty of time. Right now focus is on ordering, but plan is to allow a lot more.

  2. The Real Time Club? I hadn't realised there was such a thing as artificial time, let alone a club that was against it! :)


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