Rejected Petition

"Dear Adrian Kennard,

We rejected the petition you created – “Will Govnt allow companies to offer communications services which can't be read?”.

It’s not clear what the petition is asking the UK Government or Parliament to do.
We cannot accept your petition as it does not include a clear request for action from the UK Government or Parliament. You may prefer to contact the Home Office directly to ask your question on this matter."

FFS I was asking the government to ANSWER A SIMPLE QUESTION.

That is what I wanted them to DO!!!

The fact they will not answer this question, and neither will the Home Office, is actually the problem - they keep skirting around the point and not answering it.

Trying again...


My petition:

Will Govnt allow companies to offer communications services which can't be read?

It was not clear what I am asking the government to do last time?!

I would like the government to ANSWER A SIMPLE QUESTION!

That is what I would like it to do...

The above question - please answer it.

It is possible to send secret/private communications using nothing more than pen and paper and dice which cannot be read by anyone else, not even GCHQ or NSA. So terrorists and criminals can communicate anyway. But the Investigatory Powers Bill asks companies to remove any "protection" someone has applied. This can only serve to invade privacy of the rest of us! So the question is whether the government wish to allow iMessage, WhatsApp, Signal, https, etc, with no intercept, or not? Yes/No?

P.S. If this does not work I'll petition for a system like the petition system to have questions asked from the public at PM question time.

P.P.S. I have sponsor / sign "Provide a means for members of the public to present questions for PM Questions?"


  1. That they rejected your previous was was slightly hilarious (if it wasn't such a dick move).

    Managed to sign this one though!

  2. Your petition should be "have the government make clear with a simple yes/no as to whether they will allow encrypted communication"

    That is a request. I think that's what they mean

  3. Petitions are not for asking questions, rather asking for a specific action, so "the Govnt should allow companies to offer communications services which can't be read?" then some background as to why would work better for a petition as it gives a specific action you want them to do.

    1. Tried that, got s wushu washy constradictkry response and still nobody knows the answer to the question. We kind of need to knew what the actual policy is before we can petition to change it.

  4. It could be that the policy is to have no safe space for terrorists. The mechanism to achieve this is "in the weeds" and therefore not being considered at this time.

    My suspicion (hope) is that this will end up being a worthless law as it will give the law enforcement agencies the right to pull a lever, which (un)fortunately due to mathematics doesn't exist.

    The net result in this case is a significant waste of time and money for all involved. Arguably, having parliament waste their time writing ineffective laws may be more beneficial than having them meddle and do damage elsewhere.

    As to what the policy is/how it is expected to work, perhaps the freedom of information route might work.

  5. Just thinking Microsoft and it's latest O/S WIN 10,and all this snooping talk, MS win 10 has lots of inbuilt data collection and mining tools built into it, and unless you have the enterprise version installed you cannot disable it all,what are they using all this personal data for? and who exactly do they share that data with? Win 10 is a privacy concern, I will never buy it unless that changes, they can try and steer me into buying all they want, that is another thing that is questionable why all this effort to assimilate everyone to win 10? , it goes beyond it being easier to support, though that's their official blurb,i don't buy it


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