More on Live TV from my man cave

SkyQ is fucking useless - it did not record tonight's live RT UK News interview. It is a heap of shit is so many ways.

Update: Someone managed to record it - thank you.

However, I am pleased to report that doing a live Skype TV interview worked well.

They texted me with around 30 minutes notice - the Skype login did not work - the camera was not set up and then did not see the lens but instead of telling my it just caused the app to freeze, the headset cable did not work, and I had to reboot the Mac, and well, those 30 minutes were busy.

However, the good news is that, in the end, the audio worked properly simply by selecting 48kHz as a USB audio device. The room is a tad echoey, so that needs improving but the H4n pro worked for audio.

Also good news is that the 1DX MkII with a 24-70 f/2.8 L lens worked well with the BlackMagic HDMI box to provide full HD. The picture, as broadcast was crystal clear and clearly HD and looked excellent.

I am well underway to having a decent studio here in the man cave for TV interviews, and I think I did quite well being live on air at 30 minutes notice to be honest.

Only snag was audio in my earpiece went to zero just as we went live, I wonder if the volume control caught on my collar or something, fixed, and was live a few minutes later. Well done coping RT...

The only sad part was that the topic was the IP bill finally becoming an Act. Sad days. More on that when we have reviewed the final text.


  1. Your SkyQ may have failed to record but fortunately somebody else has done so and published your short interview with RT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EtHJG5Q-f7I
    The quality is excellent but 3 minutes is hardly sufficient time for you to expose the evils of this bill. Where to even start?

    1. Oh that is good quality and lip-sync is spot on. Phew. I just need to sort my echoey room for next time.

  2. The video quality is superb - I find it hard to believe it's over Skype!

    Get a decent mic though, and stick some audio-absorbent material in front of you (at least)


    1. I have a Zoom h4n Pro, so I have a decent mic, but the room is echoey - I need some curtains off camera to the side I think. A lapel mic may help too. But yes, 1080 HD over Skype!

    2. Can you get closer to the mic without it being on-camera? That's the biggest thing to reduce room noise.

      Speaking as a sound engineer :)

    3. I probably could, yes - I'll try that next time.

    4. Don't forget there's never a problem with having a visible (even obstrusive) mic on telly :)

      Nobody cares, they just want the content, and good audio.

  3. Camera position is good this time. [I disagree that only the audio is important], I suspect the more 'professional' the video looks, the more credibility you might have with the casual audience member].


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