Busy week

A week ago I started on this fun little alarm project, and I am quite pleased with progress.

The list of things to do is dwindling, and the functionality of an alarm system is all there now. I have to improved the keypad UI to show which inputs were triggered, but I have a log for that. I could start using it now.

I have inputs and outputs and tampers and faults and warnings and fire alarm and latching things and resets by the user and login on the keypad and beeping and exit routes and entry routes and timed set and part set and instant set and delayed bell and bell time limit and rest time and almost all of the door control features I planned plus several more and, well, a compete alarm system really :-)

The next stage really is lots of testing and working with my friends who are making bench tests and the like. I need to look at the SSAIB stuff and see if we can meet their specs too.

It has been fun, and has had lots of back tracking and tidying up and re-thinks.

So now is a good time to actually try this outside I hear about, and go for a meal with some friends this evening. Should be fun. It looks wet out there though :-)


  1. Watch the YouTube video, interesting stuff. Would you be willing to open source the software? More eyes might be better for security.

    1. I am trying to work out that - I want the code a bit wider to start with, and there is a whole config and web interface to go. I also have to decide on the best way to open source it.

    2. If it's a "which licence" issue, happy to chat.

      If it's a "which bits" issue, I'm less useful.


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